Setup 101

A fun Saturday and a great time to see our school!


Oriented around the steel-string acoustic guitar owner, this is our one-day crash course in Guitar Setup and Repair, Care and Feeding, and Guitar Shopping Smarts. Our instructors will show you how to assess neck sets, how to determine box materials and integrity and fret health. We also address the complex, sometimes cruel aspects of guitar Love-At-First-Sight. Like all of our workshops, the classes are small, with plenty of room for one-on-one.

We'll show you how to:

Adjust stubborn truss rods

Properly fit bridge pins

Check string nuts for height and adjustment

Condition fingerboards

Fit bridge saddles

String-up right

Dress and crown frets

Test for loose braces

And much more . . .

1 Day

Tuition: $125 including materials